AZStore – Amazon Product Listing CMS

Amazon Product Listing CMS:

AZStore is a simple amazon product listing CMS. Using AZStore, you can create any number of pages and add products from amazon using an easy built in amazon search interface. Included with AZStore is a built in web installer and an admin section to manage your pages. There is also support for basic theming and I am working on better theming using php-h20 templating system. AZStore is built using PHP/MySQL and uses the cloudfusion amazon API.

Link : AZStore on Github [Opens in new tab]

SORM – Simple ORM for PHP5

There are a lot of ORMs out there, but none of them worked the way I wanted to, So I built my own ORM. Modeled a lot after RAILS’ convention over configuration.

  1. Table names and Class names are the same.
  2. Column names and Class attributes are the same.
  3. Simple methods – insert(), update(), get(), delete()
  4. Auto detect Primary key, using conventions.

Link : SORM on Github [Opens in a new tab]

Development Stage : Beta

Super Events WordPress Plugin

Super events WordPress plugin does two major things.

1. Creates an event type, as a custom post type. There is also a type taxonomy associated with the event post type. This will help you categorize events by type.

2. Creates a sidebar widget which will help users RSVP to events. Created using WordPress 3.0 hooks, this widget provides a clean ajaxified RSVP system.

Link : Super Events on Github and also on WordPress Plugin Repo

GRE Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary is a project that aims at helping non-native speakers of English prepare better for the GRE.

In this prototype, users will also be able to contribute to the project, thus reaping benefits of crowd sourcing.

Development Stage : Prototype

Submitted for class project : User interface Design – Usability Project


A Simple twitter search and Google search mashup. Uses the twitter REST API and the google search javascript API.

URL : [Opens in new tab] – AI Answering Engine

When you have a question, google is the first resort. While google solves our problems, the answers are not precise enough. For instance, ask google what is the tallest mountain in the world? “googles” your question using the google API, analyzes the results for a plausible answer using language semantics and gives you a result.

Link : [Opens in a new tab]

Submitted for a class project for Artificial Intelligence.

Google Buzz Iphone App

While there are a dozen popular twitter clients, there are very few Google buzz clients.

Native iOS app built using Obj-C and the cocoa framework, that uses the Google Buzz API.

Development Stage : Alpha.

I was also the president of the “Smart phone App enthusiasts” Student user group at University of Minnesota. The user group got together once a week and we discussed iPhone programming and android programming.

AGIC Imagery Management System

University of Minnesota, Department of Geology [ Antarctic Geospatial Information Center (AGIC) ]
The AGIC maintains a catalog of millions of images and this imagery catalog is an attempt to manage the same. Built using Django, PostgreSQL.
Roles: Architect and Developer.