SF Python Project Night June

After last month’s Python meetup, I made an effort to attend the next meetup as well. There were a lot of interesting people and a few interesting projects. Thanks to Rackspace for hosting this meetup.

AWS Firechat Side – June

After the PHP meetup, I stopped by the AWS pop up loft, a developer friendly AWS facility in SF. There was the Warriors game going on, met a few people.

There are a lot of interesting talks, sessions and a lot of resources at this place and I have plans to visit this place again in the next few weeks.


It has been a really long time since I worked with PHP. It was a lot of fun working with PHP a few years ago and I thought it would be a very good idea to stop by PHP SF.

It is amazing how fast a developer starts coding, as soon as he hears the problem. The time spent in the initial phases analyzing the problem, not to mention documentation and testing, can be better. At SF PHP June meetup, it was very nice talking to Mike Stowe give a talk on API First design and RAML.

If you are building an API, this is an excellent resource. There are a lot of interesting tools (RAML projects) that were showcased in this talk and I am very glad I stopped by.

Saddle House SF June

My relationship with JavaScript has been very whimsical in the last few years and finally, I am starting to like the language. This comes in after maintaining the path.com website for an year.

I stopped by SaddleHouse for an interesting meetup about APIs, Mongo and Node. It was very informative and targeted towards beginner/intermediate learners. It is a very nice facility and I would encourage you to stop by this “Hacker House”.

SF Big Analytics – May

My deep love for databases finds a new track with ArangoDB, which is a multi model database – can store key values, graph data and also JSON documents like Mongo. Very interesting approach, clubbing all your DBs together. In a real production environment, you might be able to get away with Arango replacing Mongo and Redis.

There were less than a dozen people at the meetup, which is good because I get a lot of time to bombard the speaker with questions. The presentation was very good, going into a lot of detail. I am yet to play with Arango, but it looks very interesting.

Swift SF – May

Ever since, Swift was announced by Apple, it has definitely made life easier for hobbyists to program iOS apps. A lot of iOS developers are still hanging to Obj-C but a lot of newbies take on swift, instead of taking the older and slightly obtuse Obj-C.

I was at the May meetup of the Swift SF, which is also the largest swift user group in the world. The talk was about Building Functional Apps in Swift and it was very interesting.

Python SF – Project night

Despite using Python everyday and being in San Francisco, it is surprising that I am not a regular at the Python SF meetup. This month’s project night was at Eventbrite HQ in SF. There were a lot of interesting project proposals, a few tutorials and a bunch of energetic people. I would definitely love to go back to Python SF.

Silicon Valley DevOps – May 2015

This is the first time, I have been to a meetup in Silicon Valley, despite attending a lot of meetups in San Francisco. I happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by SV DevOps meetup, hosted by Intuit. (Very nice office).

There were a couple of presentations.
1. Creating Self-healing Systems” by Vlad Novikov – This talk was a new approach to monitoring site uptime or performance. The idea was to build a central control unit, which understood the health of applications and can spin up more instances on the fly as and when required, which is particularly tied to deploys.

2. Autonomic Application Delivery” by Victoria Livschitz, Founder & CTO of Qubell
The last few years has seen a lot of advances in containers, virtual boxes, platform as a service. For instance, it is very easy to launch an instance on Heroku today. While it is pretty fast, packaging an entire architecture – databases, nginx, app servers, memcache etc in a single system can be non-trivial. Qubell might be able to give you this, without Puppet. Think of a UI, which has the power of puppet and is editable.