MatchStick – Launch event

Once again, Being a huge fan of Mozilla and the open web, I attended the launch event of matchstick. Matchstick is a completely open hardware and open software based HDMI streaming stick, that will help you videos on your TV. You can also share your screen via matchstick just like apple TV or a chromecast.

Beta Brakers Game Jam

It has been a while since I have been to a overnight hackathon. I stumbled upon beta breakers game jam, an overnight hackathon sponsored by Vungle. When I was identifying sources to build a game in JavaScript, I found this excellent resource – Code avengers. I highly recommend this tutorial.

HP Sprout SDK meetup

Tablet and mobile computing has taken the world by force. I still use my laptop as my primary device, although the time I spend on mobile has always been on the rise. Recently, I was at the HP sprout SDK meetup. It is definitely a very innovative product. I was able to capture a video on my iphone, that will give you a good idea of the capacitive touch mat.


SF Elastic Search – October

I have been maintaining the elastic search cluster ever since I joined Path and it has been a phenomenal experience, especially when compared to Solr. I was at the Elastic search meetup at newrelic HQ in San Francisco to attend the October meetup. It was a very good experience and I learned a lot about internals of Elastic search.

Redis SF – Meetup

Redis is just awesome

I have been using Redis for a while now, and for a variety of purposes. It is always very interesting to learn how other developers use Redis. At this month’s meetup, Yao (@thinkingfish) gave an excellent talk on how Redis is used as a cache at Twitter. The scale at which Twitter operates is mind blowing.

Rust SF – Feb meetup

It is always fun to be at Mozilla HQ. A bunch of open source contributors, (a lot of them with beards – a person with pogonophobia might get a panic attack) discussing a new programming language. It was a very interesting meetup with a bunch of talks
* Exportable Macros
* Rust implementation of the Cap’n Proto serialization library
* Testing in Rust

Rust SF is a very active group and I highly recommend it.

Pivotal – Intro to Hadoop

It has been a long time since I have been playing around with the same technologies and I have been meaning to make an effort in learning Hadoop and more interesting things in the distributed world. I attended Pivotal‘s session on Hadoop. It was a decent introduction to Hadoop.

AngelHack SF

With almost two weeks left to take up my new job and having nothing to do, I started searching for hackathons in the city. Fortunately, there was a hackathon the very next day but unfortunately, the tickets were sold out. Well, I do not give up that easily. Half a dozen emails/ tweets, someone I get hold of one of the organizers who very kindly gets a ticket for me.

Well, I have been to startup weekends before twice and I am always excited about hackathons. One of the best things about hackathons is that you meet a lot of people and Angelhack was no exception. I had a lot of fun for the two days and more importantly I got to carry a BIG CHECK (literally) home.

Blog post from TMForum announcing the winners.