I am a technology conference and meetup enthusiast. So far, I have been to 12 barcamps, 1 wordcamp, 1 drupalcamp and 1 cloudcamp.

I am also a regular visitor to several technology user groups in Minneapolis - St.Paul, Twin Cities like Wordpress MSP, Drupal twin cities, RUM (Ruby users of Minnesota), mobile twin cities, Minnesota Internet Marketing mastermind, Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, PHP Twin Cities and several others! I ll be attending these meetups next. Say "Hi" if you see me.

AngelHack SF

With almost two weeks left to take up my new job and having nothing to do, I started searching for hackathons in the city. Fortunately, there was a hackathon the very next day but unfortunately, the tickets were sold out. Well, I do not give up that easily. Half a dozen emails/ tweets, someone I get hold of one of the organizers who very kindly gets a ticket for me.

Well, I have been to startup weekends before twice and I am always excited about hackathons. One of the best things about hackathons is that you meet a lot of people and Angelhack was no exception. I had a lot of fun for the two days and more importantly I got to carry a BIG CHECK (literally) home.

Blog post from TMForum announcing the winners.


SF MongoDB October

October was a really busy month with my move to San Francisco. I did manage to go to MongoDB meetup on October and listened to one of the two talks.

The first talk, which I missed was on dynamic indexing. The second one was from Dreamfactory and was pretty interesting. The talk was on Connecting to MongoDB with DreamFactory’s Open Source REST API and was interesting.

Hackers / Founders – SF October

October was a very interesting month and I happened to attend the Hackers and Founders meetup in San Francisco. There were a bunch of people, more founders than hackers though. I had very good discussions with several founders, met a lot of interesting people. I would definitely recommend this meetup if you are a startup founder (ish) in San Francisco.

RabbitMQ – Pivotal Open Source SF

Most of my work with queuing systems has been mostly expanding on existing systems. When I saw a meetup on RabbitMQ, I was extremely interested and I made it to pivotal labs. I even managed to play ping pong there for some time.

Alvaro is co-author of “RabbitMQ in action” and also maintainer of rabbitmq PHP client and a bunch of other open source libraries. The information was great – right from why you need messaging systems, what are queues, consumers, producers and how to implement them. You can view the slides here – introduction to rabbitmq.

Also, rabbit mq simulator is a great tool to visualize messaging.

Hack Night – SF – Tinderbox

I was at the carbon five offices for a hack night in San Francisco downtown. It was nice to meet a bunch of hackers – most of them were working on their own projects and a good percentage of them were fairly new to the developer role.

I was working on some angularjs and also some sinatra stuff. Always interesting to meet developers working hard to bootstrap their own projects.

Bay area Storm – SummingBird

My first meetup since I relocated to the bay area. It feels great to live in a place where there is some meetup everyday. Today, I visited Twitter HQ to attend a session on “Introduction to SummingBird“. I just looked up Storm before the meetup and it is a very interesting idea. I especially liked the idea of count min sketch.

Summing Bird helps process streaming data with map reduce.


SD Python – August

Perhaps this will be my last time at the SD Python for a while.

Tonight’s sessions included a bunch of lightning talks – about pep8, easyGUI.

SD JavaScript – August

For the past few months, I have been working on a lot of JavaScript and I thought I should stop by at the San Diego JavaScript. There were two very interesting sessions. The quality of presentations is really high at this meetup and so is the turn up.

Browser based CLI is a great project that can help you add a CLI to any website. Imagine using a CLI for navigating a website. For example, to go to the FAQ page, you can say

cd support/FAQ

I am already working on an implementation and perhaps you will see this on my website someday. You can learn more josh.js on github.

The second session was about browser’s navigation timing api, which can be used for performance analysis on response times.