UnSummit 5

Saturday, 18 June 2011

UnSummit – An unconference on tech + biz + community

URL : http://unsummit.org/

Unsummit is a great unconference and I had a great time at CoCo MSP, which is a Minneapolis co-working space. Three things that mark Unsummit as a unique conference:

1. A lot of unconferences involve the model of “more conversations and less presentations”. Unsummit was clearly the most conversational of all meetups I have been to. When the organizers said “Full participation”, they meant it.

2. Unlike most other conferences which are intense about technology, unsummit focuses a lot more on community, startups and businesses that use technology.

3. Beer right from the beginning. Keg opened at 9AM.

Sessions that I attended participated in.

  1. Startups and the Interactive Community in the Twin Cities w/ Matt Elsworth
  2. Cooperative Learning Theory Can Make Your Business 10% Better w/ Toby Cryns
  3. What is a Social Media Expert? w/ Jason Sem
  4. Market Power w/ Don Ball
  5. Finding your Web site’s Voice w/ Meg Knodl
  6. What are you laughing at? w/ Phil Wilson

I also happened to play ping pong ball during lunch and some one managed to take a snap 🙂