Startup Weekend San Diego 4

For the second time in less than a year, I participated in Startup weekend San Diego. It was a very nice experience last time and I met a lot of interesting people, created an app in a weekend and I enjoyed being at Startup Weekend San Diego.

I pitched my idea last time and did not get a single vote. I learned a few things and this time, and still managed to screw up my idea. While I was on the queue to pitch my idea, I changed my idea and did a better job in pitching the idea. My idea got picked up at Startup Weekend San Diego and at the end of day, four other participants joined my team.

Instead of creating an apartment management software, we shaped up the idea and created a local events portal. The initial idea was to build an yammer for apartments, but later expanded the geography to a zipcode. We named the app LocalWall and built it using DooPHP. PHP is not my first choice for building websites, but it works!

Source code : Localwall on github – Doophp Example app