SORM – Simple ORM for PHP5

There are a lot of ORMs out there, but none of them worked the way I wanted to, So I built my own ORM. Modeled a lot after RAILS’ convention over configuration.

  1. Table names and Class names are the same.
  2. Column names and Class attributes are the same.
  3. Simple methods – insert(), update(), get(), delete()
  4. Auto detect Primary key, using conventions.

Link : SORM on Github [Opens in a new tab]

Development Stage : Beta

Web Hosting Arc

As some one who has owned a hundred domains and managed them across different servers once upon a time, I had good knowledge of the shared hosting industry. Web hosting arc is a simple listing and search web hosting services. This also acted as a gateway to talk to potential customers, where I offered system administration services, such as moving domains off servers, software installation, site optimization etc.

This website was also auctioned on and I received bids in the lower four digits, after just months of launch.

Built using PHP, Mysql and JQuery.

Twit Raise – Automate Twitter Activities

Twit raise started as a personal project to identify good links that my friends tweeted. Slowly, features were added to handle all major twitter activities. Written in PHP, this suite of scripts use a wide range of the twitter APIs.

1. Follow new people, based on interests.

Intelligent filters, based on follower count, follower following ratio, Location, profile pic, twitter clients used.

2. Unfollow users.

3. Tweet automatically.

4. Retweet automatically based on interests [identifies tweets with links].

5. Reply to tweet automatically.

Twitraise does not have a user interface. All params are set in code and activity is automated using cronjobs.